5 things to know before you get into exclusive relationship

November 13, 2017 10:04 PM

Sometimes men and women go crazy about their new romance. They write delusive scenarios of their happy future just at the first weeks of affair, thinking it is already an exclusive relationship. As a rule, it happens due to hormones’ and neurotransmitters’ excess. But the more you date, the more secrets are revealed. Things don’t seem so sweet and smooth any more…

What is an exclusive relationship? It does not have much in common with just hanging out without commitment.  It’s when you are devoted to one single partner, and so do they. So before giving serious promises, learn some exclusive relationship rules. Here are 5 signs you suit each other and are ready to get committed from woman for marriage site

What is an exclusive relationship? It does not have much in common with just hanging out without commitment.  It’s when you are devoted to one single partner, and so do they.

1. You don’t pretend. Unfortunately, many people nowadays do not take this issue seriously. They think it is OK to be someone they really aren’t to deserve someone’s love. They pretend at the first stages of romance, but later they suffer because of this decision. Such relationship doesn’t have any future. So, one of the most important exclusive relationship rules is to ask yourself these questions. Do you feel 100% comfortable with this person? Do you always do what you say when you are next to them? Do their words and actions align? If the answers are “yes”, then you are one step closer to your goal.

2. Your world outlooks and systems of values match. You do not care much about person’s interests, ideology, and personal beliefs if they don’t coincide with yours, do you? Two people with radically different systems of values hardly can expect their relationship to last long. When you date each other not only for sexual satisfaction, but to build a relationship, you have to put up with the idea there’s no place for quarrels and disagreements.

3. You trust each other. When should a relationship become exclusive? When you realize there is trust between you. No secrets, no jealousy, no suspicions, no control. You are free to live your own life and so does your partner. It is a priceless gift to be close to a person who you can trust, when you are free to discuss your problems and thoughts. If you trust your couple, you can handle any trouble together, and this is a perfect ground for building committed relationship.

4.  Your sexual preferences match. Exclusive sexual relationship has nothing in common with casual dating. When you change your sexual partners often, you explore new extreme emotions and express new feelings. In committed relationship you are supposed to be loyal to your boyfriend or girlfriend. This decision requires one simple answer on question: does your intimacy match? Think about it: you are dating with a person and sex is good, but only for one side. Your partner makes you doing something you do not like? They always complain that you do something wrong in bed? You are not open for experiments? Unfortunately, this path leads to nowhere. Moreover, there should be a mutual respect to each other’s wishes and phantasies. As sex is a way to set spiritual and emotional connection, pay a special attention to this issue.

5. You take your partners as they are. The absence of desire to change your partner plays a huge role in exclusive relationship. Do you put up with their flaws? Do you appreciate their advantages? Their problems do not irritate you and you even want to help them? Then you have found your match!

After you go through our guide to exclusive relationships, you no longer have doubts about your partner. Be honest with yourself and your couple, and be happy. Life is too short and precious to spend it on short-lasting affairs.

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