Skin Care Tips Based On Skin Types

June 04, 2017 01:30 PM

Skin Care Tips Based On Skin Types

Now a days a lot of cosmetic products are available in market to increase your skin fairness and beauty. But before going to buy all those cosmetics by only from attraction of advertisements, just think is that cosmetic suite for you or not. Other wise it may cause harm for you rather than good results. How many of you know How to Care Your Skin based On Skin type?

You may be a male or female. The skin care is not something which is special for female . Actually the males need to care more their skin than females. Because their skin is getting more exposed to dust, sunlight and pollution than girls skin. If you have proper knowledge about your own skin type, you can care your skin more and more better and you can always stay beautiful or handsome every time.

Five Types of Skin: Identify your first

In general the skin is seen as 5 different types in different individuals. They are mainly,

  • Normal Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Combination Type
  • Sensitive Skin

The normal skin is most common and easy to handle without much problems always. It will be without much dryness or without any excess oil production. The oily skin type is one which always appear like oily. These type of skin is most vulnerable to have pimples and it happens commonly. The dry skin is one in which it appear like very dry and skin looks like scaling in many parts. The combination type skin is not problematic. In these type those persons have oily areas near to the nose and eye but the other parts of the face and skin will be dry. The sensitive skin is one in which if you exposed to dust or sunlight in time, it will easily get red colored.

How To Identify Your Skin Types: Methods

  • Identify which type is your skin by the application of a small home based experiment
  • Wash your face well with mild soap before going to bed in night
  • When you wake up in morning, wipe your face with a tissue paper
  • Check the tissue, if oil is their your skin is oily type
  • If no oil after wiping of your face and looks dry, skin type is dry
  • If there is no oil and no dryness it is normal skin
  • If you see oil in near to nose and eye, it is combination skin
  • If your skin easily get fleshed and reddened it is sensitive type

Persons with normal skin type are blessed because they don't need much care to skin. Usually skin is free of pimples and problems. They have to just maintain the skin like that only. Cosmetics and products allergy are rare in these type of skin. Just avoid overuse of soap and shampoo. Have 8-10 glasses of water daily, take lots of fruits and fresh vegetables, Sleep well, keep your mind well relaxed and if you have any skin problem consult skin specialist as soon as possible. These all points are applicable to all every time. You no need to worry about skin problems then.

Tips For Skin Care of Normal Skin Type

  • Avoid food items which is fried and cooked in excess oil and fat
  • Even if you have calorie and fat rich food burn fat and calories via exercises
  • You can use, it is better to choose oil free make-up items
  • Have a regular face wash with Neem content
  • Avoid using too much oil application to hair
  • Use oil free moisturizer once in a day
  • If you want just apply oil to hair and apply mild shampoo after

Tips For Skin Care of Dry Skin Type

  • Use Mild soap and face wash only
  • Apply fresh milk cream or curd to make skin normal
  • Select and use a quality moisturizer daily
  • Apply Moisturizer or branded face cream twice daily
  • Avoid over use of shampoo and soaps

Tips For Skin Care of Combination Skin Type

  • Use Home made face pack to reduce oil
  • Eg: multtani mitti (fullers earth/clay)+lemon juice+rose water
  • Apply over face, keep for just 15-20 minutes
  • Wash with cool water after the duration
  • It will remove dryness around Your skin
  • Have 8-10 g;asses of water daily for skin health

Tips For Skin Care of Sensitive Skin

  • If you have doubt that you r skin is sensitive Avoid low quality make-up products
  • Use trusted and branded items after allergy check only
  • Apply just below your ears and if ok only apply on the face
  • Wash face with mild soaps or face wash
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