EDRCoin is a newly released ecological cryptocurrency

May 14, 2016 09:58 AM

We can proudly introduce a new cryptocurrency that will bring positive changes to the very essence of electronic finances.


EDRCoin is a cryptocurrency that is modern and decentralized. Its concept is not based on the mining principle only. It works according to an energy efficiency policies connected with money generating.


What do we mean? Cryptocurrencies are mostly operated by the mining and influence on the ecology. This fact makes the main idea of such a currency not so clear. The main feature of EDRCoin is a decentralization, because the possession and distribution of resources makes any currency dependent on a wide range of external factors. EDRCoin is a unique product that leaves no carbon footprint and uses alternative energy sources like solar panels.


How does it work?


System functioning is based on the use of POS systems and generating skrypt as a way of hashing.


EDRCoin developers have taken into consideration a lot of flaws of previously existing digital currencies. It means that EDRCoin is protected reliably from external hacker attacks such as hacking or theft, but this high-quality security is available only when user sticks to all the confidentiality conditions.


You can get your cryptowallet here:


Cryptocurrency exchange:,,, What makes EDR legal?


1 transaction per day gains 0.35 % of the money in the user's wallet.


EDR Coins is not backed by the gold or any other goods. It is based on pure mathematics and digital code. To make it more convenient, cryptocurrency is pegged to the USD. 1 EDRC = $1.


For security reasons, user's personal data is protected. However, transactions are available for the public viewing.


Also, EDRC is going to create a network of shops, restaurants, and services like car rental which could accept EDRCoins as a payment. So we are interested in collaboration with new shops, restaurants etc.


We are opened for new ideas. Please call us:


GB +44 (203) 608-04-87


USA +1 (646) 851-26-73


Spain +34 (902) 04-21-51


Useful links:


Get your cryptowallet here:


Code source:


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Get EDRCoin plugins for Chrome:



and for Firefox:




Join EDRC community and change the perceptions of money.


EDRC is the best offer for those who want to save their time and money.

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