Srimad Bhagavad Geeta Saar

Kyo vyarth ki chinta karte ho? Kisase vyarth darte ho? Kaun tumnhe maar sakta hain? Aatma na paida hoti hain, na marti hain

Tobacco is Major Cause of 11 Lakhs Annual Deaths - Adaniya

Jaipur - Annually around 70 Lakhs people die globally because of tobacco related cancers &further disturbing is the fact that India itself contributes 16% to this irreversible loss.

The Marriages shall remain Eclipsed in May and November

Chandigarh - The Band  Baja and Baraat shall remain off the road and marriage palaces will present a deserted look between May 16 to June 13 besides the entire month of November .

5 things to know before you get into exclusive relationship

Sometimes men and women go crazy about their new romance. They write delusive scenarios of their happy future just at the first weeks of affair, thinking it is already an exclusive relationship. As a rule, it happens due to hormones’ and neurotransmitters’ excess. But the more you date, the more secrets are revealed. Things don’t seem so sweet and smooth any more…

Educational Event for Kids: Surprising World of Discoveries

In Chennai Institute “Eureka” conducted educational events: "Journey into the World of Creativity" and "A Surprising World of Discoveries".

Skin Care Tips Based On Skin Types

Now a days a lot of cosmetic products are available in market to increase your skin fairness and beauty. But before going to buy all those cosmetics by only from attraction of advertisements, just think is that cosmetic suite for you or not. Other wise it may cause harm for you rather than good results. How many of you know How to Care Your Skin based On Skin type?

Best tips for Hair Loss prevention and treatment

Beautiful hair is an important attraction for men and women. hair fall is the most common hair problem after dandruff. If you din't care your hair well it will damage easily and will affect your allover personal look and style. There is some do's and don't s for your hair care to prevent hair lose. Each ones hair will be in different type and nature.

Hospitals celebrates Christmas with cancer kids

New Delhi - It is estimated that over 50,000 new childhood cancer cases occur each year in India. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals today provided some memorable moments for children who fought and survived cancer by celebrating the festival of Christmas with them and their families.

Medela India Commemorates World Health Day

New Delhi - Medela India, the world’s leading global producer of breast pumps and nursing accessories today organized the first edition of LactoClave 2016 on the occasion of World Health Day. LactoClave 2016 is a first of its kind initiative to bring together experts and discuss the need and importance of breastfeeding. For its first edition LactoClave was organized in association with Fortis La Femme Hospital and the topic was ‘Breastfeeding being the best immunizer for children’.


Make Indian Children Immune to Effects of Hidden Hunger – Dr. Priyanka

Ten-year-old Manisha Jain has low attendance in school because she ends up missing classes during change of season either due to low grade fever or a nagging cough. After the cough repellants failed to work the doctor suggested that she be given immuno-nutrient boosters. She was also asked to be given a high-protein diet of eggs, cheese, lentils, etc.


Nestle Supporting Greater Access to Water and Sustainable Water Use across the Value Chain

New Delhi - Good Food, Good Life is the promise we make to billions of consumers around the world. While fulfilling this promise of high quality and safe, products and services, we recognise our responsibility to ensure that we use water as efficiently as possible. According to the 2030 Water Resources Group, global withdrawals of water by industry, agriculture and communities are set to exceed supply by 40% by year 2030.

Breastfeeding Keeps Breast Cancer Risk At Bay

A mother’s first priority is to nurse her baby with breastmilk. Mother’s milk or breastmilk is not only a wonder tonic for baby’s immunity but also safeguards her and the baby from several chronic ailments. The yellowish colour milk or colostrum is the most essential baby food as it not only boosts the child’s immunity but also lowers the risk of developing Alzheimer’s in mothers and strengthens the developing lungs of the child, aiding in reducing the threat of asthma.

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